Party Hoops

One dozen matching hoops I made for an 11th birthday party with eleven guests. Contact me through to purchase hoops for your next special occasion! I can provide hula hoops for any age, size, or celebration so all your party guests can have a great time and take home a handmade hoop!

Now selling colorful prism and spike tape!

I have lots of new items to share! Spike tape (known as Gaffer's tape, Gaff tape, grip tape, or cloth tape)  is great because it is easy to apply or remove to most surfaces. It doesn't leave a residue, and it offers wonderful grip for hula hoops and flow toys. The NEON colors are reflective under UV Light/ Blacklight! More color choices coming soon!

Of course we all want a little bling on our hoops these days, so I also have some sparkly Prism Tape available in 25-foot rolls, which is enough to tape one hoop. The holographic design shines in the sunlight and looks beautiful with vinyl or gaffer tape. Check out my full selection below or browse the DIY Section of the CRAFTY SQUID Etsy Store!


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