DIY Tutorial - How to Make a Black and White Retro Hula Hoop

This page will show you how to make a standard adult-sized hula hoop from materials found in most hardware stores. The tape design is a retro wavy pattern that gives the hoop a stylish appearance and a bit of grip. Feel free to change this pattern using whatever electrical tape you have, up to three colors.

Happy Holidays from Crafty Squid!

I hope you're enjoying time with family, friends, and good cheer.
My shop on is disabled for the holidays, but I hope you'll check back over the New Year for new hula hoops, blog articles, digital artwork, and more! I plan to give my website a makeover while the shop is down. If you have questions about an order you've already placed, please contact me on Etsy.

Merry Christmas,

Amanda a.k.a. thEcRAfTysQuiD

2012: Year of the Linocut?

I am experimenting with some new media right now, and hope to open new galleries on my website. If 2011 was the year of the fabric hula hoop, batik, felt, and fleece, then 2012 will be the year of linoleum, neoprene, and printed plastic. I am either carving things these days or printing them onto homemade paper.

On top of all these new materials, my studio is still equipped to spread the hoop love and I have a blast making hats and accessories on my sewing machine.


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